3D Sales Platform vs Traditional Sales Slide Decks - Which is Better?

Work in manufacturing or med-tech sales? If so, you probably spend a large portion of your time preparing and sending out slide decks as part of the pitching process. This is the way things have been done for a long time, and generally speaking, they’ve done what they needed to. Sales have been made from slide decks, but in 2023 and during the implementation of Industry 4.0, are presentation decks the most effective way of selling?

At MARTECH3D, we believe the future of manufacturing sales and marketing is 3D. We think this based on our experience working in the field, as well as compelling research. To highlight the effectiveness of 3D sales enablement tools, we’ve put together some key stats for you to consider.

Effectiveness of Slide Decks in Sales and Marketing (B2B)

- 91% of B2B professionals use slide decks for their business presentations. (eMarketer)
- Slide decks are the third most used content type in B2B marketing. (Content Marketing Institute)
- Presentations with visual aids (like slide decks) are found to be 43% more persuasive than unaided presentations. (Prezi)
- Approximately 70% of B2B buyers watch a company's presentation before making a purchase decision. (Fathom)

Effectiveness of 3D Content in Sales and Marketing (B2B)

- 3D content can increase customer engagement by 66%. (Forbes)
- 40% of B2B buyers prefer interactive content, such as 3D product demos, for researching and evaluating products. (Demand Gen Report)
- Companies using 3D content in their marketing campaigns have seen a 20% increase in sales opportunities. (Deloitte)
- 90% of buyers say they are more likely to purchase from a brand that uses interactive content, including 3D product visuals. (SnapApp)


While slide decks remain a popular tool for sales and marketing presentations, 3D content offers several advantages, highlighted below:

- Engagement: 3D content has a higher potential to engage B2B audiences as it provides a more interactive and immersive experience compared to traditional slide decks.
- Persuasiveness: The visual impact of 3D content can be more persuasive, leading to increased interest and receptivity among potential buyers.
- Preference: B2B buyers increasingly prefer interactive and visual content, making 3D product demos a valuable asset for marketing and sales efforts.
- Sales Opportunities: The adoption of 3D content in marketing campaigns has shown a positive impact on sales opportunities, indicating its effectiveness in driving leads and conversions.

Slide Deck Preparation

As well as effectiveness, it’s useful to look at time savings, as this will have an impact on ROI (a key concern for the majority of manufacturers looking to grow their market share in the next five years).

On average, it takes approximately 3 to 5 hours to prepare a B2B sales deck, depending on its complexity and the amount of content required. (HubSpot)
Sales representatives spend around 20% to 30% of their time on administrative tasks and preparation, taking away valuable selling time. (HubSpot)
Another study found that 40% of sales reps' time is spent on non-selling activities, including data entry, reporting, and other administrative tasks. (Accenture)

3D Sales Enablement Preparation

At MARTECH3D, our sales platform is designed to give maximum ROI, and one of the ways it does this is by requiring minimal time investment from salespeople. The process of mapping out the assets required, creating a branded virtual environment with photo-realistic 3D twins, developing interactive 3D animations and product guides, and launching, sits at 12 weeks. After this, the only prep required to use the platform for selling is writing emails, which can be templated. After this, it’s a case of sending a link.

The preparation savings are huge - no more spending three to five hours on a single deck or spending a third of your time doing admin tasks. You can spend more time selling using more effective content that increases leads and conversions.


While slide decks continue to play a crucial role in B2B sales and marketing, 3D content offers a more engaging and persuasive approach to showcasing manufacturing products and services. Incorporating interactive and visually immersive digital twins and 3D product demos is a strategically sound move for manufacturing businesses looking to stand out, capture attention, and drive sales opportunities in a competitive market.

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