Sharp Wins PrintIT Innovation Award with MARTECH3D Virtual Showroom

Last year Sharp UK, one of the world's leading workplace technology manufacturers, worked with MARTECH3D to create a transformative virtual showroom that saw them win the prestigious Innovation Award at the PrintIT Awards 2023, along with Marketing Team of the Year.

The award is a testament to Sharp’s legacy to adopting new tech and innovating as market leaders, but also to how the MARTECH3D sales and marketing platform can provide tangible brand differentiation benefits to manufacturers.

Challenges Faced by Sharp UK

Despite Sharp's global presence with offices in 25 European countries, visualising and presenting their extensive product lines posed a significant challenge. Sharp wanted to deliver detailed, personalised sales experiences that seamlessly linked different product ranges, moving away from traditional slide deck sales presentations to embrace a forward-thinking approach.

Sharp isn’t the only manufacturer facing these issues; many manufacturers report finding it difficult to offer personalised and effective customer experiences that work on a remote scale.

The MARTECH3D Solution

Working closely with Sharp, we took on the task of creating nine integrated 3D virtual environments tailored for the office and education sectors. These environments included a walk-through reception with introductory videos, a branded office, a meeting room, a print room featuring digital twins of their printer product line, an IT services room, a classroom, and an interactive early years environment complete with 3D product guides and digital twins.

You can read more about the specifics of our work with Sharp here.

Key Features of the Sharp UK Virtual Showroom

Through the above solutions, we helped Sharp achieve their main KPIs, with key benefits including: 

  • Global Accessibility: Through their interactive 3D virtual showroom, Sharp were able to reach customers worldwide in a personalised way that no other manufacturers were doing.
  • Engaging Product Walk-Throughs: The virtual showroom facilitated immersive product walk-throughs, allowing Sharp to showcase their product lines in a detailed and engaging way.
  • 48 Product Digital Twins: Leveraging our cutting-edge technology, we incorporated 48 interactive 3D product models, enabling customers to view products in their own space in augmented reality (AR).
  • Multi-Platform Compatibility: The virtual showroom was designed for accessibility across online, desktop and mobile platforms, ensuring a seamless user experience for clients.
  • Real-Life Environments: The creation of detailed 3D environments, such as offices, meeting rooms and classrooms, added a realistic element to the virtual experience, providing clients with a sense of familiarity and being able to properly see products in their intended environments.

Results and Impact

Sharp’s 3D environments have not only redefined how they present their products; they’ve allowed them to deliver engaging experiences that align with their reputation as global tech leaders. The virtual showroom has become an invaluable tool for reaching clients around the world, transforming the way customers interact with Sharp's products and, ultimately, winning the Innovation Award win at the PrintIT Awards 2023.


Sharp's success with MARTECH3D serves as a testament to the impact of 3D sales and marketing for manufacturers looking to revolutionise their customer engagement strategies. The integration of virtual showrooms, interactive product demos and digital twins offers a glimpse into the future of marketing and sales presentations and how it can be strategically beneficial for businesses and clients alike. 

If you’re a manufacturer looking for innovative sales and marketing solutions, get in touch with the MARTECH3D team today and see how we can help you implement award-winning tools that keep you ahead of your competitors.

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