3D Interactive Product Guide

Interactive 3D product demonstrations, when PowerPoint and Zoom don't cut it.

What is a 3D Interactive Product Guide?

Product 3D digital twin: First, create a 3D digital twin of your product; photorealistic visualisations, that are ‘marketing ready’.

3D environment, with a WOW-factor: Next, create a 3D environment where your products are typically used.

Step-by-step product walk-through with interactive 3D animation: Then, enable the user to go through a step-by-step walk-through, showing how your product works.

Additional product information: Using hotspots, users can find additional product information with multi-media content.

3D AR Product Viewer: Your customers will be able to scan a QR code and see your product in their own environment in augmented reality, to scale, using their smartphone.

Software Simulation

If your products have a software component, you can use screenshots with interactive zones to demonstrate a user journey.

MarTech3D 3D Interactive Product Demo - Nanosonics Screenshot - Software Simulation
3D Animation

Use interactive 3D animation with annotation to explain key features and what's happening.

MarTech3D 3D Interactive Product Demo - Nanosonics Screenshot - Software Annotations

Presentation tools that enable sales

Integrated presentation and multi-channel sharing tools turn your 3D Interactive Product Guide into an indispensable sales-enablement resource.

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In-app Video Conferencing

Meet clients, host webinars and record meetings in your 3D Interactive Product Huide environment.

No-lag screensharing

Present to clients, syncing their view, so you can share content seamlessly, in perfect high definition.

Multi-channel delivery

Present online, embed in your website, create customer microsites, and use on touchscreens at live events.

Product Content Management System (CMS)

Upload product information and easily keep content up to date.

Real-time Sales Data

Track customer behaviour and user analytics.

Engage your prospects

Tell A Story

Take customers on a journey of using your product.

Provide Context

Add supporting material, such as business cases or technical data, at any stage.


Add user actions to record customer interest or enable customers to make an enquiry.

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