Built for manufacturing sales & marketing

At MARTECH3D, our solution has been developed by people from the manufacturing and med-tech industry, for the industry.

At MARTECH3D, we believe that 3D tech can transform how manufacturers demo products virtually and showcase physical products in the digital world.

In fact, we think as the world moves rapidly towards digital marketing and virtual working, and the industry pushes for digital transformation and sustainability, manufacturing sales and marketing is facing a cliff edge. It’s becoming less feasible to have thousands of sales people on the road, to expect buyers to travel to every potential supplier, or to ship products to events around the world.

Manufacturing sales and marketing needs to evolve, but the tools aren’t there. When it comes to complex, physical products, traditional 2D websites and PowerPoint just don’t cut it.

MARTECH3D exists to solve that problem.

Award-Winning Manufacturing
and Med-Tech 3D Marketing Platform

3D Product Marketing & Sales Platform

We have developed an award-winning 3D Product Marketing and Sales platform that, combined with our 3D design services, enables manufacturers to create next-level sales and marketing tools. Interactive 3D experiences that bring sales presentations to life, increase product engagement on your website and get more leads at events.

Backed by Blackfinch Ventures

We are backed by venture capitalist investors, Blackfinch Ventures. You can read more about Blackfinch's investment into MARTECH3D below:

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Our Journey So Far

August 2020
First customer
October 2020
25,000 Meetings Hosted
June 2022
Launched self-managed platform
September 2022
500 Products
October 2022
Investment from Blackfinch Ventures
March 2023

Meet Our Team

Get to know our senior leadership team:

Mark Worger

Founder & CEO

Mark is a former founder with 15 years' leadership experience in med-tech and manufacturing.

Gbenga Oyeniyi

Tech Lead

Gbenga is a former med-tech founder and CTO with 10 years' experience as a full stack developer.

Julia Segure

Lead Designer

Julia has eight years' experience as a lead interactive designer, specialising in 3D applications and data visualisation for sales enablement.

Sam Hopkins

3D Applications Lead

Sam has 10 years' experience of full stack development, specialising in 3D applications across real estate, gaming, and geo-location.

Sam McShane

Client Services & Product Manager

Sam is a former business founder, and has eight years' experience as a project manager (scrum master and business analyst).