3D Sales & Marketing
for Construction Manufacturing

Powered by digital twins and immersive, branded 3D environments, the MARTECH3D platform is the first virtual product marketing and sales platform of its type aimed specifically at helping manufacturers within the construction sector to streamline and enhance their sales and marketing. By reducing sales cycles and verifiably improving ROI, our award-winning platform is already used by some of the world’s biggest industrial brands, and we can help you, too.

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Optimising Sales and Marketing for Construction Manufacturers

We know the B2B manufacturing sales and marketing processes are marred by a few common problems, including lengthy sales cycles, too many touchpoints to attribute ROI, high reliance on trade shows, rising event/operating costs, and too much sales admin compared to selling time.

We developed the MARTECH3D platform specifically to: 

  • Reduce sales cycles by up to 25%* 
  • Conduct accurate, interactive and to-scale sales demos, virtually 
  • No sales presentation admin required - spend more time selling
  • Built-in analytics to track sales performance and conversions

Award-Winning Construction Manufacturing 3D Sales & Marketing Platform

With our award-winning platform, you gain access to a comprehensive suite of tools designed to elevate your sales and marketing efforts, including:

How it Works:

Elevate Your Product Showcase with 3D Virtual Environments: Stand out from the crowd with visual aids that are as innovative as your products. We create photo-realistic, interactive digital twins of your products and place them in unique 3D environments that do them justice.

Bring Your Products to Life with AR Product Viewers: With a simple scan of a QR code, buyers can see and interact with a digital twin of your product, to scale, in their own environment. Add interactive hotspots and animated product walkthroughs for next-level virtual demos and product education.

Simplify Complex Product Configurations in Real-Time: No more back and forth creating renders of customised products - allow buyers to personalise your products to suit their needs in real-time with our 3D product configurator.

Track ROI with Built-in Analytics: Your customer portal comes with built-in analytics so you can accurately measure your ROI and track the digital performance of your key products, allowing you to make informed strategic decisions more easily.

Why Choose MARTECH3D?

15+ years’ experience in manufacturing & med-tech.

Supported by data: Our products are backed by stats. We've conducted extensive research into buying behaviour in the med-tech sector and built our platform based on quantifiable data. You can read some of our research here.  

Proven results: Our customers achieve extraordinary results in a short time-frame using the MARTECH3D platform. Read some of our success stories here.

Affiliated with: The Manufacturing Technologies Association, PPMA Group, UKIVA and BARA.

Investor backed: We are backed by Blackfinch Ventures - venture capitalist investors who invest in “high-growth businesses with technological potential”, with a “focus on disruptive businesses, offering products that address real world needs”.  

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At MARTECH3D, our goal is to help manufacturers flourish in the digital age. To discover more about how we can assist you in streamlining and enhancing your product marketing and sales processes, book a demo.

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