3D Sales & Marketing
for Renewables Manufacturing

If you’re a manufacturer within the renewables sector and you’re looking to improve the way you market and sell your products, MARTECH3D is the solution. We provide manufacturers with immersive 3D branded environments, complete with digital twins, allowing you to show your products to scale, configure custom products in real-time, and differentiate your products from competitors using award-winning, photo-realistic interactive 3D product guides.

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OptimisingSales and Marketing for Renewables Manufacturers

Is your sales cycle several months long, requiring multiple presentations and hours of sales admin? Are you spending too much of your marketing budget transporting your products to trade shows? Are you struggling to accurately quantify your ROI?

If so, MARTECH3D can help you:

  • Reduce sales cycles by up to 25%* 
  • Conduct accurate, interactive and to-scale sales demos, virtually 
  • No sales presentation admin required - spend more time selling
  • Built-in analytics to track sales performance and conversions

Award-Winning Renewables Manufacturing Sales & Marketing Platform

With our award-winning platform, you gain access to a comprehensive suite of tools designed to elevate your sales and marketing efforts, including:

How it Works:

Elevate Your Product Showcase with 3D Virtual Environments: Stop using 2D images and industry-standard videos and instead immerse buyers in dynamic 3D virtual environments. Whether it's surgical gear, medical tools, or advanced equipment, we place scalable, photo-accurate digital twins of your products in realistic 3D settings to show the true extent of your USPs.

Bring Your Products to Life with AR Product Viewers: Let your customers interact with your products to scale, right in their own space – just by scanning a QR code. They can explore the nitty-gritty and fully grasp what your product can do through interactive guides and walk-throughs.

Simplify Complex Product Configurations in Real-Time: Streamline and hasten the customisation process with a real-time 3D product configurator. Clients can tweak and personalise products in the blink of an eye, and there’s no need to worry about technical accuracy or feasibility as this is factored in.

Track ROI with Built-in Analytics: Our core focus is on helping you with lead generation, and our platform makes it a breeze. You can capture leads effortlessly and keep an eye on how well your products are performing with detailed insights. Use these analytics to track and boost your ROI.

Why Choose MARTECH3D?

15+ years’ experience in manufacturing & med-tech.

Supported by data: Our products are backed by stats. We've conducted extensive research into buying behaviour in the med-tech sector and built our platform based on quantifiable data. You can read some of our research here.  

Proven results: Our customers achieve extraordinary results in a short time-frame using the MARTECH3D platform. Read some of our success stories here.

Affiliated with: The Manufacturing Technologies Association, PPMA Group, UKIVA and BARA.

Investor backed: We are backed by Blackfinch Ventures - venture capitalist investors who invest in “high-growth businesses with technological potential”, with a “focus on disruptive businesses, offering products that address real world needs”.  

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At MARTECH3D, our goal is to help manufacturers like you stand out and maintain your reputation through smart innovation. To learn more about how we can help you level up your product marketing and sales, book a demo.

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