3D Sales & Marketing
for Workplace Technology Manufacturing

Using photo-realistic digital twins and custom 3D virtual environments, the MARTECH3D platform stands as the pioneering virtual product marketing and sales solution designed to empower workplace technology manufacturers. Our focus is to streamline and elevate your sales and marketing efforts. With proven reductions in sales cycles and quantifiable boosts in ROI, our award-winning platform is already trusted by leading industrial giants worldwide, and we're here to support you as well.

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Optimising Sales and Marketing for Workplace Technology Manufacturers

Do you depend on trade shows to generate the bulk of your leads? Is your sales team constantly on the road, conducting in-person demos, taking them away from actual selling? Do your sales presentations take a lot of time to prepare but fail to deliver the engagement you need?

With MARTECH3D, you can:

  • Reduce sales cycles by as much as 25%* 
  • Virtually conduct precise, interactive, and to-scale sales demonstrations
  • Eliminate the need for administrative work in sales presentations, allowing your team to focus on selling
  • Leverage built-in analytics to monitor sales performance and conversions

Award-Winning Workplace Technology Manufacturing 3D Sales & Marketing Platform

With our award-winning platform, you gain access to a comprehensive suite of tools designed to elevate your sales and marketing efforts, including:

How it Works:

Elevate Your Product Showcase with 3D Virtual Environments: Set your products apart with innovative 3D visuals that match your products' ingenuity. We create lifelike, interactive digital replicas of your products and situate them in distinctive, realistic 3D settings that make it easier for prospects to visualise them.

Bring Your Products to Life with AR Product Viewers: With a quick QR code scan, buyers can explore and interact with a digital version of your product, true to size, within their own environment. Enhance the experience with interactive hotspots and 3D animated product guides.

Simplify Complex Product Configurations in Real-Time: Using our online product configurator, your buyers can configure your products to suit their specs and see a realistic 3D render instantaneously.

Track ROI with Built-in Analytics: Track the performance of your virtual 3D environments and access real-time data to assess KPIs and ROI, all from your centralised customer portal.

Why Choose MARTECH3D?

15+ years’ experience in manufacturing & med-tech.

Supported by data: Our products are backed by stats. We've conducted extensive research into buying behaviour in the med-tech sector and built our platform based on quantifiable data. You can read some of our research here.  

Proven results: Our customers achieve extraordinary results in a short time-frame using the MARTECH3D platform. Read some of our success stories here.

Affiliated with: The Manufacturing Technologies Association, PPMA Group, UKIVA and BARA.

Investor backed: We are backed by Blackfinch Ventures - venture capitalist investors who invest in “high-growth businesses with technological potential”, with a “focus on disruptive businesses, offering products that address real world needs”.  

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At MARTECH3D, we aim to help manufacturers level up their sales and marketing and stay ahead of the curve. To learn more about how we can help you streamline your marketing and sales and maximise your ROI, book a demo.

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