Brigade Electronics 3D Interactive Product Guide

Who are Brigade Electronics?

Brigade Electronics are a market leading global manufacturer of commercial vehicle safety systems.

The Problem

Brigade Electronics provide state of the art safety systems for commercial vehicles, but as small complex products it was difficult to demonstrate them when not in use.

The Solution

Using MARTECH3D, we worked with Brigade Electronics to create a 3D Interactive Product Demo. The application walks the user through using 3 hero products, as if there were driving a commercial vehicle. Using different camera views, the user can also see key technical information in real-time, as well as interactive 3D products models. They can even see place products in their own vehicle using the 3D AR Product Viewer. The 3D Interactive Product Demo was launched in May 2022 at the Commercial Vehicle Show, enabling customers to experience using the products at an event for the first time.


Manufacturing - Workplace Technology & Electronics

Products & Services
  • MARTECH3D Virtual Showroom
  • MARTECH3D Interactive Product Demo
  • MARTECH3D AR Product Viewer
  • 3D Modelling
  • 3D Animation
  • Bespoke 3D Environment Design
  • 3 product walk-throughs
  • Software simulator
  • Customised 3D environment and user journey
  • Increased engagement at global live events
  • Saved 50% costs from first live event