3D Virtual Showroom


The Challenge:, a leading provider of touchscreen rentals for events and exhibitions, faced a challenge in effectively showcasing their diverse product range to potential customers. Traditional sales methods, including brochures and physical product demonstrations, were limited in scope and reach. needed a solution that would:

  • Enhance product visualisation: Allow customers to explore products in a realistic setting.
  • Simplify product selection: Guide customers towards the most suitable solution for their needs.
  • Increase accessibility: Provide 24/7 access to product information and demos.
  • Streamline the sales cycle: Reduce reliance on in-person demonstrations.

The Solution: implemented MARTECH3D's 3D product marketing and sales platform to create an immersive 3D Virtual Showroom. This showroom allows customers to:

  • Navigate a virtual tradeshow environment: Explore a realistic exhibition stand showcasing' product portfolio.
  • Interact with 3D product models: View products in high-definition from all angles, zoom in on specific features, and rotate them for a 360-degree examination.
  • Access detailed product information: Each product is accompanied by comprehensive specifications, brochures, and data sheets readily available within the showroom.
  • Experience Augmented Reality (AR): With a few clicks, customers can virtually place touchscreen models directly into their intended event space, visualizing scale and suitability in real-world settings.

The Results:

Since launching their 3D Virtual Showroom powered by MARTECH3D, has experienced significant improvements in key sales and marketing metrics:

  • Increased Leads: The interactive and engaging nature of the virtual showroom has attracted a wider audience, generating a notable rise in qualified leads.
  • Boosted Sales Conversions: By providing a clear understanding of product features and benefits, the showroom has empowered customers to make informed decisions, leading to a higher conversion rate from leads to sales.
  • Reduced Sales Cycle Time: The readily available product information and AR functionality have streamlined the sales process, allowing customers to self-qualify and make quicker purchasing decisions.
  • Enhanced Customer Experience: The 24/7 accessibility and user-friendly interface of the virtual showroom have empowered customers to explore products at their own convenience, fostering a more positive customer experience.

A Customer Success Story:

"MARTECH3D's platform has been a game-changer for our business," says Nathan Nicholls, Managing Director TouchscreenRentals. "The 3D Virtual Showroom has allowed us to showcase our products in a way that traditional methods simply couldn't. Customers are more engaged, better informed, and able to make faster decisions. We've seen a significant increase in leads, sales conversions, and overall customer satisfaction."

Conclusion:'s success story exemplifies the transformative power of MARTECH3D's 3D product marketing and sales platform. By creating an immersive and interactive virtual showroom experience, B2B manufacturers like can:

  • Increase brand awareness.
  • Drive qualified leads.
  • Shorten sales cycles.
  • Enhance customer satisfaction.


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100% ROI in 3 months

£250K pipeline added in launch campaign

Increased leads

Increased conversion rate

Shortened sales cycle