Sharp 3D Virtual Showroom

Who is Sharp?

Sharp is a world-leading technology manufacturer, specialising in developing innovative TV, audio, mobile, and home appliance devices.

The Problem

Sharp are global leaders in tech manufacturing, but despite having offices in 25 countries across Europe, they were struggling to visualise some of their products based on client location. They wanted to be able to reach prospects - wherever they are - and give them a detailed, personalised experience. They also needed a more cohesive and effective way of demonstrating the particular variations of specific product lines. This went hand in hand with their ambition to move away from the status quo of slide deck sales presentations and adopt a new, forward-thinking way of delivering engaging experiences that aligned with their reputation as global tech leaders. 

The Solution

MARTECH3D worked with Sharp to complete nine integrated 3D virtual environments for office and education sectors. We created a walk-through reception with introductory videos, a branded office with video overlays and product lines, a meeting room, a print room showcasing digital twin versions of their printer product line, an IT services room, a classroom, and an interactive early years environment with 3D product guides and digital twins. Using these 3D environments, Sharp Electronics have been able to reach customers around the world in a personalised way. They can walk clients through product lines, deliver product information in an engaging way, and dynamise the way customers interact with their products. Using photorealistic 3D digital twins, it’s easier for customers to see the differences between products and make more informed buying decisions.


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MARTECH3D Virtual Showroom

MARTECH3D Interactive Product Demo

MARTECH3D VR Compatible App

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Real-life setting

Product walk-thoughs

48 3D product animations

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9 3D environments


Reduced customer support enquiries

Improved product education 

Increased sales conversions