S.R. Smith 3D Product Configurator

Who are S.R. Smith?

Based in the United States, S.R. Smith are the world-leading manufacturer of commercial and residential pool deck equipment, with further offices in Europe and Australia.

The Problem

For one of their main product ranges, Starting Blocks, S.R. Smith found it difficult to explain the wide variety of product configurations available to their distributors and resellers. It was difficult to present options in a way that was clear and easy, as well as being visually engaging. S.R. Smith needed a product marketing platform to both improve the sales process - leading to more sales, and make orders more accurate - leading to happier customers and less returns.

The Solution

Using the MARTECH3D Product Configurator, S.R. Smith enabled their sales teams, distributors, resellers and end-customers themselves, to view and configure products in real-time 3D. The 3D Product Configurator is available online on desktop and mobile devices, directly through the S.R. Smith website. It takes the user through the steps of configurating their product, with easy multiple choice questions. As the user makes their selections, they can view and interact with a 3D model of their product, which updates with every answer. They can even upload their logo, to see how their branding looks printed onto the product.

Once the user has answered all the questions, they can access specific technical drawings and information based on their selections, and download a record of their choices. They can also submit their selection and leave their contact details, which instantly notifies the S.R. Smith sales team. The sales team can see every configuration option that has been selected for that individual customer, as well as general usage data and analytics, highlighting trends and popular options. The MARTECH3D Product Configurator is transforming the way S.R. Smith demo their products and process orders.


Manufacturing - Commercial Leisure

Products & Services
  • MARTECH3D Product Configurator
  • 3D Modelling
  • 3 Products
  • 6000+ Product Variations
  • Data Capture
  • Sales Notifications
  • Desktop & Mobile
  • ROI achieved within 1 month
  • Reduced ordering errors
  • Reduced conversion time
  • Average 50 quotes per month