ChargePoint Technology 3D Virtual Showroom & Digital Twin

Who are ChargePoint Technology?

ChargePoint Technology is a leading global manufacturer and the expert in safe powder handling with patented technology in pharmaceutical containment and sterile powder transfer systems.

The Problem

ChargePoint Technology had a physical showroom in their UK headquarters. However, only having customers able to see products in their showroom or at live events limited sales. Meanwhile the complexity of taking products to offsite demos and live events was time-consuming and costly. Also, ChargePoint Technology wanted to show not just what their products are, but how they can be used in different processing applications.

The Solution

ChargePoint Technology used MARTECH3D to create a comprehensive 3D Virtual Showroom, with the full suite of products, including 3D Interactive Product Demos, 3D AR Product Viewer and 3D Product Configurator. It provides detailed product information and demonstrates how products can be used in different processing applications. Phase 1 launched in August 2022 at ACHEEMA, the world leading forum for pharmaceutical manufacturing. Phase 2 launched in November 2022 and is used to deliver virtual sales presentations for 30 salespeople, for online marketing and for live events. In total, over £0.5M of sales has been attributed to using the MARTECH3D platform, providing a 200% return on investment in 18 months.


Manufacturing - Industrial & Machinery (Pharmaceutical)

Products & Services
  • MARTECH3D Virtual Showroom
  • MARTECH3D Interactive Product Demo
  • MARTECH3D AR Product Viewer
  • MARTECH3D Product Configurator
  • 3D Modelling
  • 3D Animation
  • 30 sales agents
  • Over 100 products
  • 35 3D product animations
  • Over 1000 product configurations
  • £0.5M new sales attributed to MARTECH3D platform
  • 200% ROI in 18 months
  • Saved 50% in event costs
  • Used for sales presentations by 30 salespeople