CLM Fireproofing 3D Virtual Showroom & Training Academy

Who are CLM Fireproofing?

CLM Fireproofing are passive fire protection supply experts. They work across sectors, including healthcare, social housing, and education. 

The Problem

CLM Fireproofing provides a range of industry-leading passive fire products, including intumescent paint and cavity fire barriers. Though leaders in their field, CLM struggled to accurately visualise their services and products. They found that photos and videos weren’t doing their products justice, and they were having difficulty quickly and easily communicating and showing the value of their products to prospects. This was a particular problem at events because the majority of their products are implemented on a construction site, and that’s not easy to replicate in an exhibition hall. They needed a versatile, interactive solution that allowed them to enhance product education across channels, including online and at events. 

The Solution

MARTECH3D worked with CLM Fireproofing to develop six customised 3D environments that mirror those where their products can be used in real life, including a construction site and an office. Within these virtual environments were six digital twins (3D replicas of their main products), complete with full interactive product guides and AR product viewers. This allows users to access relevant technical product information, as well as watch videos and handle the product virtually, to scale. They also implemented eight VR service demos within their branded environments - allowing prospects to see the full scope of their products and services. CLM Fireproofing launched their interactive 3D collection in July 2023.



Products & Services

MARTECH3D Virtual Showroom

MARTECH3D Interactive Product Demo

MARTECH3D Interactive Service Demo

MARTECH3D AR Product Viewer

3D Modelling


Real-life setting

Product and service walk-throughs

3D product animations

Online, desktop and mobile


Reduced customer support enquiries 

Increased sales conversions