H.E.L Group 3D Virtual Showroom

Who are H.E.L Group?

H.E.L Group is a leading scientific equipment and software manufacturer, producing products within the chemistry, biotech, and safety fields.

The Problem

As a manufacturer of customised scientific equipment and software, H.E.L Group struggled to visualise their products and communicate their value effectively. Due to the intricate details and functionalities of their products, and the fact that each one is tailored to suit specific customer requirements, making traditional marketing materials that appealed to a wider audience was almost impossible. H.E.L Group were having difficulty engaging and educating their audiences during sales meetings and effectively showcasing their products online. They wanted photo-realistic, interactive, scalable 3D content that they could use across all their sales and marketing channels, and that allowed them to accurately showcase what they do, the benefits of their products, and their uses.

The Solution

H.E.L Group used MARTECH3D to create 3D digital twins of their seven main products. They opted to integrate AR with their 3D products, creating scalable products that can be visualised in their client’s own space. The models are fully interactive and can be used on their website, on microsites, on mobile or desktop, on social media, and at events; allowing H.E.L Group to easily visualise their products and communicate to their audience what they do across channels. We  also helped them to create an interactive virtual showroom with full branding and a 3D carousel that is featured on their website homepage. As part of MARTECH3D platform, H.E.L Group also gained access to a customised portal where they can track analytics in real time, update product information, and adapt their specs if necessary. They launched their 3D content at the Bio Processing International event in May 2023.


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