Meon 3D Virtual Showroom & Experience Centre

Who are Meon?

Meon are the leading line marking and surface prepare provider in the UK.

The Problem

Meon are an industry leader known for product innovation, but they wanted their product marketing materials and sales presentations to deliver more. In particular, showing their full range of products and services, and their different commercial applications, was difficult to explain. As a result, they were missing out on cross-selling and upselling opportunities. Meon also have a strong commitment to sustainability, and see digital transformation as high priority across all areas of the business, including sales and marketing. They wanted to do more virtual sales meetings and take less products to events, reducing their environmental impact and the associated costs, but wanted a solution that was more impactful than face-to-face meetings, not less.

The Solution

Meon used MARTECH3D to create a comprehensive 3D Virtual Showroom, including 3D Interactive Product Demos and 3D AR Product Viewer. It provides detailed product information and demonstrates how products can be used in different commercial settings. It enables salespeople to meet their clients in a virtual environment, and customers can see products in their own environment using AR. Phase 1 launched in February 2023 at the RSMA Annual Conference.


Manufacturing - Industrial & Machinery (Road construction)

Products & Services

MARTECH3D Virtual Showroom

MARTECH3D Interactive Product Demo

MARTECH3D AR Product Viewer


3D Modelling

3D Animation


Over 30 3D products

5 3D interactive product animations

10 3D environments

3 Sales team licences


Launched February 2023

Used by 3 sales teams