The Rise of Digital Twins

This month, the MARTECH3D team exhibited at Automation UK, where digital twins were everywhere. It was interesting to hear how manufacturers have begun integrating 3D technology into their operations, but also realising that nearly all of them haven’t thought about how 3D digitisation can be used beyond product development and testing.

Digital twins are being heralded as manufacturing game-changers, so why are so few manufacturers cutting off their potential at the factory floor?

What are Digital Twins?

Digital twins are virtual replicas of physical products, processes, and systems, and they are gaining credence in the automation industry because they offer unprecedented levels of insight, control, and optimisation for entire production processes.

With digital twins, manufacturers can simulate various realistic scenarios, test design modifications, and optimise processes, resulting in significant cost savings and improved productivity. They are becoming increasingly more common within automation and robotics as manufacturers look to enhance efficiency, improve product quality, and accelerate their time-to-market.

Digital twins are widely noted for providing operational excellence, but they can also provide marketing and sales excellence when applied in the correct way.

Taking Digital Twins One Step Further

At MARTECH3D, we create digital twins for marketing and sales. We transform sales presentations and product marketing content, helping marketeers in the manufacturing industry maximise campaign reach and engagement, but at a fraction of the price of engineering digital twins.

The average cost of digital twins for industrial companies sits at just over £780,000. The MARTECH3D platform is just 1.5% of this cost. Given the benefits manufacturers are already seeing from digital twins at the development and optimisation stage, it makes sense to leverage the same technology for marketing and sales purposes where it can be used to streamline cycles, increase output, and bring costs down, and yet, this isn’t happening.

Many manufacturers are still relying on traditional marketing methods to market cutting edge technology in the digital age, limiting audience engagement, elongating the sales cycle, and yielding poor ROI in the process. As marketeers ourselves, we understand how difficult it can be to visualise complex products and processes and showcase them in a market-leading way that does them justice.

The MARTECH3D sales and marketing platform is born from industry experience. It is specifically designed to empower marketeers and sales people to increase ROI, boost output, and generate more leads.

The interactivity and engagement, as well as operational streamlining and cost/time efficiencies that come from this, are comparable to those that digital twins are being applauded for, and yet the true potential of digital twins hasn’t been realised.

Leveraging Digital Twins for Marketing and Sales

To learn more about how digital twins can be used from a sales and marketing perspective, book a free demo today.

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