Showing How Products Work, Beyond The Surface

The Challenge:

Many products, especially in sectors like manufacturing and technology, have complex internal mechanisms or functions that are crucial to their value but difficult to demonstrate in traditional sales environments. Clients often need to understand these complexities to fully appreciate the product’s value, which can be challenging to communicate through static images or physical models that do not allow disassembly.

The MARTECH3D Solution:

Our 3D Product Configurators go beyond traditional visualization by allowing for deep interaction with every component of a product. This tool is designed to reveal the inner workings of complex products in a clear and educational manner, which is essential for high-tech industries where understanding a product’s functionality impacts the purchasing decision.

Enhanced Features:

  • Layered Detailing: Viewers can peel back layers of the product to explore its internal components, understand the materials used, and see how parts fit and function together.
  • Interactive Elements: Components can be clicked on to reveal specifications, operational data, or even video explanations of their role in the overall product.
  • Simulation Capabilities: Simulate the operation of the product, showing how components interact in real time, under different conditions, or when undergoing stress tests.

Detailed Educational Content:

Include detailed annotations and technical specifications for each component. This feature is particularly useful for training and educational purposes, helping prospective clients understand the engineering excellence and technical sophistication behind your products.

Customisation and Configuration:

Clients can configure the product according to their specific needs within the configurator, selecting options and seeing how these choices influence the product’s configuration, functionality, and performance. This interactive process not only educates the client on the possible configurations but also helps in tailoring the product to their exact needs.


The 3D Product Configurators provide an unparalleled advantage in demonstrating complex products. They facilitate a deeper understanding and appreciation of the product's sophisticated design and capabilities, enhance customer confidence in their purchasing decisions, and ultimately lead to a higher conversion rate.

Conclusion:MARTECH3D’s 3D Product Configurators are an essential sales and marketing tool that enables manufacturers to effectively communicate the complexities and advanced features of their products, ensuring that potential customers fully understand and appreciate the high value and advanced engineering of their offerings.

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