PPMA Show 2023 Review: The Need for Interactive 3D Alternatives to Slide Deck Presentations

Picture this: You're in a meeting, and instead of a traditional PowerPoint presentation, you see a three-dimensional world of your products. It's interactive, engaging, and leaves a lasting impression. 

Decision makers better understand your product with step-by-step product walkthroughs. You can effectively convey what makes your product different from competitors with interactive 3D cut-through animations. You’ve spent next to no time on admin because the demo is ready when you are, and you can easily track the effectiveness of your 3D interactive sales presentation with in-platform analytics.

This is the power of interactive 3D interactive product guides, and it's changing the game for manufacturing sales and marketing. 

PPMA 2023

We attended the PPMA Show 2023 and constantly heard from manufacturing COOs and sales directors about how difficult it is to effectively demonstrate products to a global audience.

We were talking with UK manufacturers about how they're increasingly grappling with product differentiation, rising travel costs, transportation expenses, and the need to shorten the sales cycle.

So how does a 3D interactive product guide help with all of this?

Shortening the Sales Cycle

With global competition increasing, there is mounting pressure for manufacturers to close deals and fulfil orders at a faster rate than ever before. The issue is, there are anywhere up to 10 decision makers involved in the sales process, meaning it can take months just to speak to the key decision maker. This is time that many manufacturers don’t have, but when explaining complex products and processes, corners can’t be cut.

One of the most significant advantages of interactive 3D technology is its ability to accelerate decision-making. With virtual product demos at their fingertips, sales teams can provide potential customers with a hands-on experience without the need for face-to-face meetings. This efficiency can significantly shorten the sales cycle by condensing information into more digestible and memorable chunks, ultimately saving time and resources.

Reducing Costs

We know that in this industry, trade shows and events are paramount to lead generation, but we also know that the cost of attending such events is increasing rapidly. From rising venue costs to increased insurances and transportation, more and more marketing budgets are being absorbed by these monumental outgoings. 

Interactive 3D technology can alleviate some of the expenses associated with events by eliminating the need for extensive travel and costly product transportation. For example, you can show your products to scale and conduct in-depth, step-by-step product walkthroughs and demos, but without having to transport the actual product. This means you can hire a smaller stand and save money on square footage, as well as equipment logistics and insurance premiums. 

Our customer data even shows an increase in live lead generation specifically using the MARTECH3D interactive product marketing and sales platform, meaning there is no risk of compromising on lead generation or event value simply by minimising expenses. You can read more about the financial benefits of MARTECH3D here

Enhancing Product Differentiation

Standing out in a crowded market is paramount, but it’s something that a lot of the manufacturers we spoke to at PPMA 2023 are struggling with. Interactive 3D presentations allow your product to shine like never before. The ability to showcase intricate details and unique features sets your products apart from the competition. It's not just a presentation; it's an experience that potential clients won't forget, and that’s the key to staying ahead of the curve.


The PPMA Show 2023 shed light on the real-time issues manufacturers are facing and how interactive 3D technology is emerging as a game-changing solution. It was great to speak to manufacturers face-to-face to understand more about how MARTECH3D and 3D technology as a whole can play a pivotal role in addressing key industry challenges as the move to automation and net-zero continues. 

To find out more about the MARTECH3D interactive 3D product marketing and sales platform, or to book a demo, click here

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