Aligning Marketing and Sales with MARTECH3D

Sales and marketing alignment is crucial for business success, and yet, it’s something that the majority of B2B businesses struggle with, as highlighted at the B2B Marketing Expo we recently exhibited at. 

According to LXA, companies that have a strong alignment between sales and marketing average 20% growth every year, whereas those without it stand to lose 10% of their revenue per year as a consequence. 

With 52% of UK manufacturers setting a goal for at least 20% growth in the next five years (Make UK), and the majority still reeling from financial repercussions from Brexit and the pandemic, sales and marketing alignment could be the crucial connection needed to achieve success and stay competitive. 

In this article, we look specifically at the importance of aligning marketing and sales in the manufacturing sector and how strategies can be better refined. 

The Significance of Alignment in Manufacturing Marketing and Sales

From lead generation through to the final stages of the sales funnel, maintaining cohesion is paramount for building trust and facilitating conversions in manufacturing. 

Building a Unified Customer Journey

A cohesive customer journey is crucial for guiding potential clients seamlessly from the initial contact to the point of purchase. According to a study by HubSpot, companies with aligned marketing and sales achieve 24% faster revenue growth and 27% faster profit growth compared to those with misaligned teams.

Consistency in Brand Messaging

Inconsistent messaging can lead to confusion and a loss of credibility. A report by McKinsey found that a consistent customer experience across all touchpoints increases brand trust and loyalty by 30%, and customer loyalty is more cost-effective than acquiring new customers.

Efficient Lead Nurturing

Strategy alignment enables a smoother handover of leads from marketing to sales, ensuring prospects receive the right information at the right time. Research by Marketo indicates that organisations with aligned teams generally see a 67% increase in marketing-generated revenue.

Shortened Sales Cycles

A streamlined process, from lead generation to closing a deal, contributes to shorter sales cycles. According to a study by SiriusDecisions, aligned businesses experience a 38% higher win rate - crucial for growth.

The Risks of Inconsistency in Marketing and Sales

Without proper consistency between marketing and sales, multiple success roadblocks may arise, including: 

Customer Confusion

Inconsistent experiences can confuse potential clients, leading to a loss of interest and trust. A PwC survey found that 32% of buyers said they would stop doing business with a brand they love after just one bad experience.

Reduced Conversion Rates

Lack of alignment can result in missed opportunities and lower conversion rates. Aberdeen Group found that companies with poor alignment saw an average of 4% decline in annual revenue.

Increased Customer Acquisition Costs

Inefficiencies due to misalignment can drive up customer acquisition costs. According to Forrester Research, misaligned businesses experience a 10% increase in the cost of customer acquisition - something that British manufacturers can’t afford.

The MARTECH3D Advantage

Achieving sales and marketing alignment isn’t an easy feat, but the MARTECH3D product marketing and sales platform can help manufacturers successfully address the challenges of consistency and alignment in marketing and sales.

Virtual Showroom with Digital Twins

We develop photo-realistic 3D virtual showrooms with digital twins to show your products in a realistic environment and to their full potential. Providing a realistic and immersive environment for showcasing your products ensures that your online experience mirrors a physical one, maintaining consistency in brand representation from marketing through to sales demos and even training.

AR Product Viewer

By leveraging augmented reality (AR), you can enable potential clients to visualise your products in their real-world context, to scale. This interactive and engaging technology aligns with modern consumer expectations, enhancing the overall customer experience, as well as improving product education.

3D Product Demos

3D product demos not only aid in lead generation; they also provide your sales team with valuable tools to guide clients through the decision-making process. Buyers can interact with products as they would a physical one, without the need to physically transport devices. This is particularly useful for complex or large equipment, and that which the inner workings can’t be seen but are an important sales feature. 

Adaptability at Every Stage

From lead generation to closing a deal, the MARTECH3D platform ensures that marketing and sales teams can collaborate effortlessly by seeing which 3D environments are products are the most interacted with and where to focus efforts in future. 


In manufacturing, the alignment of marketing and sales is not just a strategic choice, but a business must. The MARTECH3D platform provides manufacturers with a comprehensive solution to mitigate the risks associated with sales and marketing inconsistency and all fasttrack growth and success.

For more information about our platform or to book a demo, please contact us.

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