3D Animations and Demos vs Product Videos

Over the last few years, videos have risen to prominence as one of the most effective sales and marketing tools, especially where complex products and machinery are concerned. Many manufacturers have invested a lot of time and money into video production for sales and marketing, but is there a better option?

At MARTECH3D, we create 3D digital twins, animations and demos for manufacturers, helping them to convey the complexities of their products, how they work, and their USPs. We know from our customer data that 3D content is more effective than 2D content, including videos, but we also know that videos have their own merits.

To demonstrate the value of 3D content versus standard videos, we’ve pulled together some key data that shows how advantageous investing in 3D is.

2D Product Videos: Uses and Effectiveness

- 60% of businesses use video as a marketing tool. (HubSpot)
- Including a video on a landing page can increase conversion rates by up to 80%. (Unbounce)
- 80% of marketers say video has directly helped increase sales. (Wyzowl)
- 74% of B2B buyers report watching videos during their buying process. (Forbes)

3D Animations and Demos: Uses and Effectiveness

- 3D product animations can increase website engagement by up to 40%. (VisCircle)
- 90% of B2B buyers prefer interactive and visual content when researching products or services. (The Content Marketing Institute)
- 3D product demonstrations can reduce customer returns by up to 50%. (The Wall Street Journal)
- 62% of companies using 3D content report increased customer engagement. (Techvalidate)
- 84% of businesses believe that interactive 3D content will play a crucial role in their marketing strategies in the future. (Techvalidate)


Engagement: While 2D product videos are effective in engaging audiences, 3D animations and demos have the potential to provide a more immersive and interactive experience, leading to higher customer engagement.
Conversion Rates: Both 2D product videos and 3D animations/demos can positively impact conversion rates, but 3D interactive experiences have a bigger edge due to their ability to allow customers to explore products in a more dynamic, scalable, and personalised way.
Buyer Preferences: B2B buyers have shown a preference for both video and interactive visual content. However, as technology advances and expectations evolve, interactive 3D content is becoming increasingly favoured by customers during their buying process.
Reducing Returns: 3D product demonstrations have been proven to significantly reduce product returns, indicating their ability to provide a better understanding of the product and its features, and helping customers make more informed purchase decisions.

Production and Cost Comparison

There’s more to content production than just effectiveness. You need to be able to measure ROI and track conversions, and offset those against time taken and money spent.

According to data from Wyzowl's State of Video Marketing Report 2021, 68% of businesses say they spent £7,800 or less on video marketing in the past year. Using the MARTECH3D platform, you gain access to a suite of three award-winning tools (virtual showroom with digital twins, 3D interactive product guides, and a 3D product configurator), as well as embedded analytics to measure ROI, lead generation, and overall effectiveness, for a similar price per year.

The time required to create a B2B product video can take anywhere from a few days to several weeks or even months to complete a single product video, from concept to final delivery. At MARTECH3D, we aim to get your entire 3D platform up and launched within 12 weeks.


While 2D videos have been a popular and effective marketing tool, 3D animations and demos offer a more interactive and immersive experience that aligns with the preferences of modern B2B buyers. Implementing 3D content can maximise engagement and ultimately drive higher conversion rates for manufacturers in several ways. What’s more, the content can be used across all sales and marketing channels, offering unparalleled ROI and value for money.

To find out more about 3D animations and how MARTECH3D can help you leverage your content, book a demo today.

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